Unique E-Commerce Niche Ideas For An Online Store

Here at NDMN, we’re all about thinking outside the box. Most of the biggest companies online or offline today weren’t 100% unique ideas. Most often, they’re remixed ideas that started with a foundation that already existed, and then was improved upon.

Online stores and e-commerce operations aren’t new, but there are many, many unique niches to operate in. Let’s discuss some right now to get your creative juices flowing. Take a sip of your copy and let’s start:

#1 – Intimate Apparel

The numbers on this one simply has our minds reeling. With the rise of the romance novel, 50 Shades Of Grey, and many other odds and ends, sexy is in. Lingerie, toys, and other “things” make for great niches to go into. They’re hot, popular, and sell for a pretty penny.

Angelique Lingerie is a plus size intimates online store based out of Colorado. They¬†are a great example of what’s possible and the different kinds of niches and businesses that are possible to start these days.

#2 – T-Shirts

People love apparel. They love to support their ideas, or rep someone else’s cool brand. This unique niche has the potential to really make you quite a bit of money when working with setups like TeeSpring, and other businesses who will print t-shirts for you on demand.

And, wise word for you, don’t get a bunch of shirts printed upfront. There’s no reason to risk your capital and focus. Go with a company like the one mentioned above. They’ll take a percentage, but they also do all of the heavy lifting for you. You get to put together the t-shirts, design them, sell them, and they take care of the rest.

#3 – Subscription Boxes

Subscription services and boxes are also a huge rage right now. Thanks to companies like One Dollar Razor club who has pioneered the business plan. Proactive was another big subscription based marketing idea. These days, “boxes” of products for you to try are getting more and more popular. This makes for a huge opportunity for both consumers and the companies behind the products.

Now you know what’s happening in the marketplace and where some of the biggest opportunities are presenting themselves. That’s the first questions you want to answer when going into a niche market, “what does the customer want and how can I provide it to them?” Answer that one questions and you’ll be in business for many years, serving the kind of customer that loves you and your products.